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Jenny Garcia, L.Ac. Laughing

Who is Jenny?​

Jenny Garcia is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist who treats an array of conditions spanning chronic pain, hormonal imbalance, and mental and emotional distress. She is a fervent believer in the holistic nature of medicine as not merely a service conferred upon others, but an intentional practice of relating to one another in mutual care. Her office provides services that range from acupuncture, cupping, moxibustion, herbal consultations, and somatic coaching. She is also broadly trained in mental health care, orthopedic acupuncture, women’s health, and pediatric acupuncture.


Why TCM?

As a full-time practitioner, Jenny is driven by her own personal testament to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as proof of its long-term and comprehensive success. After suffering from deteriorating health in 2010 and experiencing repeated upper respiratory and ENT infections, Jenny started receiving regular acupuncture treatments and taking Chinese herbs administered by a specialized practitioner. Through these treatments, along with understanding the body as an integrated whole and not just the sum of its parts, she was able to improve her health drastically under the mentorship of chiropractor and energy healer Dr. Victor Shibata.


Jenny's Training and Credentials

After witnessing the transformative power of TCM and energy healing practices, Jenny enrolled in Yo San University’s four-year intensive program to deepen her study.  She graduated with high honors, earning an M.A. which specialized in acupuncture, herbal medicine, cupping, Qi Gong and TCM theory and philosophy.Equipped with this training, she has practiced in numerous hospital and integrative care clinic settings, including Being Alive HIV Clinic, Yo San University Community Clinic, Venice Family Clinic, and LA County—USC Wellness Center. She has also served on a chronic pain management team, administering acupuncture treatment on children of all ages at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.


Jenny’s background in social organizing and healing within and beyond Los Angeles propel much of her work in TCM. As a former recipient of a Fulbright Grant, she has spent time in Brazil studying popular street theater as a community organizing tool. Jenny has organized for tenant’s rights with the Inner City Law Center as well as Union De Vecinos. She has contributed her skillset for numerous groups, including a monthly Black Lives Matter LA Healing Justice Clinic and the Frontline Wellness Network. Her rich experience and service in the arts, healing, and justice circles contribute to the holistic nature of her practice, affirming the belief that not only the body should be understood as an integrated whole, but all of humanity and living things alike.


Currently, Jenny works closely with the mental health focused agencies­ Alma Family Services and the Animo Program of St. Joseph Center to administer holistic care and TCM remedies, alongside talk therapy. Jenny also teaches classes on TCM self-care techniques at Alma Family Services to residents in East LA. She is the current Director of Community Outreach at the American Institute of Mental Health in Traditional Chinese Medicine.


Jenny is proficient in Spanish, English, and Portuguese.

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