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M. W.

“I have known her for over 4 years. Not only is she an exceptional healer, but she listens intently. This is a key component in the healing process because it is simple to hear a list of symptoms, but it is a whole different skill to understand how to treat what isn’t easy to articulate. Jenny excels very well in this area and I’ve been fortunate enough to have received treatment by her.”

Brent R.

"Jenny is fantastic. I went to her for acupuncture for a badly tweaked neck/shoulder and felt so much better afterwards it was like night and day. I re-tweaked it again later in the week, and she fixed it up again. Can't recommend highly enough!"

Patti O. 

"Jenny is an AMAZING and WONDERFUL HEALER!!! She has made such a difference for me. I have been seeing Jenny for acupuncture for the past three months to help manage my rheumatoid arthritis. Her treatments have dramatically decreased my morning stiffness and the pain in my hands and feet. In addition, the acupuncture treatment has significantly impacted my inflammation level, with my blood markers moving from off the charts in June to the normal range at my last blood test a couple weeks ago. Jenny is very kind, listens to what I say, and asks more questions. Then does her magic. And every week, after my appointment , I am feeling better and better. I highly recommend Jenny Garcia for Acupuncture."

Lisa S.

"Seeing Jenny was my 1st exposure to Eastern Medicine and treatments . I am a registered nurse and didn't know what to expect , I was impressed . The intake process was in depth and comprehensive including emotional aspects .Jenny was , patient , detailed and I felt she really cared . I appreciated her descriptions and communication during the procedure, always mindful of my comfort. I walked in with a slight headache - poof gone! I am seeking treatment for pain related to plantar fasciitis as well as a few other health issues and seven hours post treatment - I feel better. I have already scheduled my next session!"

Sana A.

"Jenny Garcia is a life saver!! Literally! I had this weird acne looking thing on my face for 3 years that no one could help figure out. I went to multiple people, tried different medications and methods. Nothing worked!! I went to different countries, even tried allopathic and homeopathic medications.. no one even knew how to diagnose it. One of the doctors told me it was an allergic reaction and I shouldn't stress. I have red spots on my face how do I not stress??

Then I found Jenny.. the golden light. After about a month my skin completely started to rejuvenate and clear up. That is about 2 sessions after. And now, it is almost completely back to normal.

SHe is very sweet, personable and has very positive comfortable vibes to her. The place is clean and she is just so understanding! Go to her, trust me on this."

Lygia S.

"Jenny Garcia is a MIRACLE WORKER ! She fixed my wrist in just 2 sessions ... I've been having this ganglion cyst that kept coming back ... and with seeing Jenny just a couple of times it went away ! And not to mention the excruciating pain I was in ... it went away right after the 1st treatment ... but now I come 1 time a week for regular Maintenance ! She is amazing; her office is very clean and welcoming and I always recommend her to ALL my personal clients, family and friends! Thank you Jenny for saving my career! (I'm a body worker as well!)"

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